Upcoming Barnes & Noble Book Release ~ Summer 2020

Across the world, countless young girls and women have been subjected to negative messages from society: the false notions that they’re not good enough or talented enough to achieve their dreams. Regardless of geography or culture, this harmful message fails to inspire or elevate them, and society suffers as a result – but no longer.

This book is truly an inspiring true story of a woman’s struggle, loss, courage, persistence, faith and finally victory.

Despite a lifetime of setbacks ranging from being in an abusive relationship in her early twenties to being abandoned by her father, rejected by her mother, rejected by society and Corporate America as well as being in a challenging and complex relationship with her ex-husband for ten years or the trials, triumphs, frustrations, and successes of being an entrepreneur. Leslie kept the faith in herself and in God to triumph over adversity.

Dealt a bad hand from birth, she’s managed to go all in and win the game of life, but it’s not just her story that’s so inspiring. She’s also come to realize her own inherent value and that of girls and women all around the world – and that’s something you can’t put a price tag on.

So if life’s hardships are raining down on you, don’t worry about the dark puddle forming on the ground.  It’s just a distraction trying to deter you from your destiny. While you may see it in your struggles and pain, focusing on your faith will ensure that God will make you stronger and better than ever before as He guides you straight to VICTORY!