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Discover the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Synopsis: Understanding your communications style and how it relates to your clients is a proven, successful tool to producing bigger and better results.

 One of the key skills in sales is the ability to quickly gain the trust of a prospect. Whether it's a phone call or client visit, you have a limited amount of time to ascertain their need, make a connection and create a relationship. We all know that people buy from people they trust and people they like.  You're likeable, knowledgeable and experienced - so why is it that you're successful with some prospects and not others?  What is that intangible element that makes people click, and the sale close?  

That element is often Emotional Intelligence - the ability to understand a client's style and adjusting yours to complement it, while still being yourself. 

**learn how to read your clients' styles - in person, online and over the phone
**adjust your sales style to reach more people and close more deals
**use Emotional Intelligence to build client relationships that can lead to repeat business

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Leading Organizational Transformations Diversity & Inclusion

Our workforces and employees are no longer homogenous. We now have baby boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials/Gen-Y's, people of all races, ages, religions, sexual orientations, genders, and disability status working in the same environment. Despite that,  inequity, inequality, and the marginalization of minorities still exist. Much of this results from a lack of understanding - we fear what we don't know. However, like crayons, which each individually have their own characteristics, but when used collectively for their own unique purpose - outlining, shading, drawing, coloring - they create masterpieces. Employers who embrace the diversity of their workforce, accept that each person has value, identify and utilize employee strengths, acknowledges each person's contribution, and empower their employees create healthy, inclusive, respectful, environments that deliver results.

Participants will discover how:

Diversity and Inclusion done right, can be your Competitive Differentiator

Diversity drives success, unlocks innovation, and increases profitability
To develop a strategic plan to increase diversity in the executive team and on the corporate board

Learning Outcomes:

1. Participants will develop insights and understanding of their own story and how it shapes their recruitment and hiring process

2. Participants will learn how to build an inclusive culture and increase the bottom line.

3. Participants will be able to discuss interpersonal differences in a non-threatening environment, to increase inclusion and intersectionality.

4. Participants will be able to understand the underlying hidden messages that increase tension, reduces productivity and decreases retention.

Women's Empowerment - The Power to Excel Begins with You

The Five Critical Steps to Becoming a Purposeful Leader and The Transformational Pursuit of Clarity, Confidence, and Courage

Some of the most profound questions we can ask ourselves are, "What do I want to experience in this lifetime?" and "How will I experience it?" These questions lead to the overarching introspection around purpose and power. "What connects your passion, purpose, and value?" and "How do you find clarity, confidence and the courage to bring your vision to life?"

If we can find our purpose - "the way, the what, and the how" - embracing the action steps necessary to have the career and life we want becomes a joyful and fulfilling journey to success. If we fail to make these connections, we are destined to live a life filled with regret.

When leaders connect the dots between purpose and authenticity everyone wins; when they don't the entire organization suffers. Purpose is the key driver of organizational engagement. The inability to lead with clarity, openness, and authenticity is the most significant loss of resources for organizations.

The time spent masking weakness, attempting to please everyone, faking it until you make it, all while hiding your limitations is a drain on resources and prevents stakeholder buy-in. How do you deepen and strengthen the quality of your leadership structure if no one wants to show their authentic self? When organizational leaders don't have a defined purpose, how do you navigate through change and uncertainty? This session evaluates what differentiates organizational leaders who deliberately engrain purpose as a core leadership strength from those who do not.

This session is built on five core principles: Wherein lies your passion? How do you find your purpose? What will you do to embrace your power? What accentuates your clarity? How do you find the courage to maintain resilience during difficult times? These principles apply to women and men alike, and throughout all career stages.

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Identifying and Reducing Unconscious Bias

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but your unconscious thoughts can really cost you. Every day, every second, our brains receive millions of bits of information, but we can only process about 40 bits. As a result, we make positive or negative snap judgments about situations based on our unconscious biases. Is unconscious bias influencing your judgment? Is unconscious bias affecting your recruiting, hiring, employee development, performance evaluations, and discipline? What role is unconscious bias playing in other decision-making such as setting your organization's mission and culture?
​Participants in this interactive, highly engaging program, will:

• Discover the difference between "conscious" and "unconscious bias"
• Recognize how decisions based on unconscious bias can negatively impact an employees' career cycle and create unintended outcomes
• Analyze the hard and soft costs of unconscious bias
• Develop strategies for increasing awareness, facilitating inclusive interactions, and mitigating the impact of unconscious bias

 45-60 minute keynote
 2 -4 hour breakout

1/2 to full day workshop
15 minute "TED" style talk


HR Professionals
Risk Managers
Executive Team and Management

Leslie O'Hare will equip your audience with the proper tools to help build a corporate culture that will use social capital to create a truly inclusive team, increase your bottom-line, increase retention and improve communication to your end customer. Accelerate your audience's professional and personal success with a dynamic keynote speaker and facilitator who engages audiences, challenges thinking and activates changing behaviors helping businesses, and the people within them, thrive.

Leslie draws on her personal triumphs over tragedy and adversity to help individuals and organizations overcome their own obstacles to success. Her proven, process rewires brains for lasting change, eliminating the negative thoughts and behaviors that stop us from unleashing our full potential. Through hundreds of appearances,  TV segments and her books, Leslie has helped so many people “clear out their emotional hard drives,” overcome fears, ignite sales, jumpstart performance, and transform their lives and businesses by changing mindsets, attitudes and beliefs. Her approach stands out from other motivational and performance speakers by working through live transformations with volunteers on stage. This unforgettable, often life-changing, experience provides audiences with proven tools to power their own dramatic transformations.

Known for her uncanny ability to take anyone to the next level to improve their life, sales, or business, Leslie has earned praise from celebrities and CEOs alike. As a serial entrepreneur, she started her first business when he was only 10 years old, and her second at age 15. By 20, she owned her own speaking and life coaching business, and launched her own television talk show.

She also discovered a talent for teaching — Leslie has gone through so much rejection, loss and pain in her own life. She was in an abusive relationship, abandoned by her father, rejected by her mother and society and had to start life over after going through an unexpected divorce at almost fifty years of age. She lost her home, marriage and almost her mind and life. Leslie refused to allow these hardships to break her down. She had to quickly make the decision to position herself to rise up. She had to elevate her thinking so she could elevate her life in order to save her life.

Choosing to change her mindset in order to have control over her life and not allowing the circumstances in her life to have control over her has allowed Leslie to utilize her life experiences to help women rise up and regain their focus and their life back.

Leslie persevered, stood strong and allowed her faith to pull her out of the pit of lies that were telling her that she was unworthy, invisible to others and that she would never ever succeed. Against all the odds, she succeeded and WON!

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TEDx Empowerment Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Life and Business Coach
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