Leslie O’Hare is the President of Leslie O’Hare Media in Dallas. Leslie's career spans over 20 years in the entertainment industry. She is one of the leading authorities in her field as a TEDxempowerment speaker  and a faith and business motivational speaker. Leslie is widely recognized for her accomplishments as an Off-Broadway actress, entrepreneur, radio personality, ABC affiliate television talk show host, television director/producer/writer, theatrical director, publisher of L The Leslie Magazine and philanthropist as well as an Author of her upcoming book titled Be Bold, Be Patient, Be Alert, Be Ready.

Leslie brings real life-changing messages to her audiences. She has become an inspiration to so many by sharing her story and captivating audiences. Whether sharing her personal story about being in an abusive relationship, abandoned by her father, rejected by her mother and society and having to start life over at almost fifty years of age after losing her home, marriage and almost her mind after being in a challenging marriage. Leslie had to quickly make the decision to position herself to elevate her thinking so she could elevate her life in order to save her life. Choosing to change her mindset in order to have control over her life and not allowing the circumstances in her life to have control over her has allowed Leslie to help others regain their focus and their life back.

Leslie is a master storyteller. She has a gift of being able to draw her audience into her story. She speaks from the heart with realness and humor. She’s made a positive imprint on the lives of many people across the country.

Leslie is best known for her long-running television talk shows in Dallas, Texas; two of her shows aired on an ABC affiliate station reaching over 4 million homes weekly.  Both programs were reflections of  Leslie’s entertaining personality. The shows focused on family, empowering women and girls and human interest stories, entertainment and pop culture which exemplifies Leslie’s passion for those topics.

The show's signature segment included the “I Got It Moment."  The “I Got It Moment” is a moment in your life where something impactful happened and you were able to turn that moment into a life lesson and due to that moment, it changed your life forever. This was a moment in the show where Leslie would ask her guests to reflect on their personal life lessons. Leslie thought it was an excellent opportunity for her viewers to find their “I Got It Moment” so they too could live the life they were meant to live.


After working with thousands of the busiest professionals on the planet, Leslie saw a common theme. The happiest ones were the most fulfilled. Happiness is not the goal, fulfillment is. With fulfillment comes happiness and greater productivity and better relationships.

What makes a fulfilling life? It is recognizing that you’re already a CHAMPION! It’s up to you to choose to whether to awaken the CHAMPION within so you can live your BEST LIFE or choose to let the CHAMPION remain dormant and allow life to pass you by…

Come on people, let’s choose to ROAR loud and become the CHAMPION you were meant to BE!

Leslie is a sought after speaker for:  Corporate Workshops, Church Groups, Colleges and Universities, Women's Conferences, Marriage Retreats, Mastermind Workshops and Non-profit Organizations.

To Book Leslie as a Speaker for your Upcoming Event Contact: EdBryan@TheBillionova.Agency