Here is where we make a lasting impact on your life!

"My Mission is to help give single women and couples the guidance this world needs when it comes to love. I want women to know that no matter what walk of life you come from, or what mistakes you have made in your past – you, and only you can make the decision to be the person in charge of your love life. You can have the life of  LOVE you have always dreamt of!"

 ~ Leslie O'Hare

Certified Dating & Relationship Coach, Entrepreneur, TV Personality, Podcast Host and Author Leslie O'Hare

Here is where we make a lasting impact on your life!

"My dream is for people to be excited to wake up and confidently go after what frightens you, to date a healthy loving partner, and ultimately find the kind of love that everyone deserves!

I’m ready to take action! Are you?" ~ Leslie O'Hare

Be Intentional

We are the common denominator in all our relationships. Without understanding our unconscious patterns, we risk repeating our toxic relationship choices over and over again. It is time to open your heart to the kind of love you absolutely deserve.

​​​​​Leslie O'Hare, is a heart-centered serial entrepreneur. She's the President of Leslie O'Hare Media and to add to her accolades she is also a TV personality, TEDx speaker and author who has touched the lives of many women and men during her career. With a no-nonsense business acumen and unparalleled creative ingenuity, Leslie has created top-rated tools for her clients. Her style of coaching touches every fiber of your being…empowering you to tear down barriers with an ignited force of confidence.

She won the P.O.W.E.R. Women’s Magazine 2019 Mentor of the year award.  A great coach is an amazing mentor -- that’s definitely Leslie. 

Leslie is launching the Let’s Connect podcast. The podcast will focus on various aspects of our lives, including relationships, news, entertainment and personal growth.

Leslie’s 20 year career as a coach also includes working as a Off-Broadway actress, television talk show host and radio personality. She has spoken on many stages nationwide at the TEDx Women’s Conference, Ziglar Inc., Women of Excellence Conference, Women of  Power Conference, Revive Marriage Retreat, Transformational Dating Workshop, Emotional Intelligence Conference and more.  She is also the creator of the hugely successful SHE RiseUp Women's Empowerment Conference. 

Leslie has helped many women and couples to overcome a multitude of sticking points and limiting beliefs, and open their eyes to the skills, techniques, insights and secrets that most dating and relationship coaches fail to provide them. As a result, her clients are now achieving a level of success within their life and relationships that they once thought to be impossible to even imagine.

Her focus is primarily on dating and relationships because she finds the dynamics of relationships fascinating!  She uses her experience, wisdom and knowledge to guide, assist and empower you into not just finding your ideal partner for life, but also shapes you into becoming the ideal partner in order to find and maintain a long, healthy, happy and loving relationship.

Leslie is highly intuitive and has an extraordinary ability to connect with her clients.  She believes that clear and effective communication, emotional intelligence and a loyal friendship are the components necessary for all mature and healthy relationships.  She strongly believes in love, and assisting individuals and couples to find and keep love is her absolute passion. 

Leslie is an expert in dating and relationship techniques, and she has a record breaking business, getting women the results that they want by getting them free of their bad beliefs, habits and choices and showing them how to make inspired, intentional, high-value choices to create a healthy lasting relationship with a man who is an equal match for them. 

"If you’re tired of living in a box… shrinking, feeling stuck in the middle of the dating and relationship crossroads, living unhappy and unfulfilled in your personal and professional life. ​I’d be delighted to help you manifest the best that is within you. Let me help you live your BEST LIFE from the inside out!" ~ Leslie O'Hare

In order to feel complete love with another we must first discover the love within”
— Leslie O'Hare