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Unisex Talk ~ Relationships, Intimacy, Love & Sex

The Relationship Enrichment Forum

Sunday, August 16, 2020 ~ 7:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.

Dating is a complicated and often clumsy dance even in the best of times. Add in mask-wearing directives, social distancing and fear of a highly contagious virus for which there is no cure…

The landscape of dating, being married, love, and sex as many of us know it has been dramatically altered by the coronavirus pandemic.

This worldwide crisis is leading to heightened anxiety and confusion along with other strong emotions.

Even during a pandemic, there is no time better than RIGHT NOW for men and women to embrace, discover, learn, grow and SOAR in your relationships!

When it comes to the behavior of men and women in personal and professional relationships, almost everyone has an opinion—and usually, it’s about how the sexes are different.

Men and women are wired differently — on a cognitive, emotional, hormonal and cellular level.

Even though most men have been on a different path than women, all along, for some reason we somehow expect those paths to converge when we enter a romantic relationship.

For many of us, we naturally assume that while our counterparts might look different, they should think, feel, behave and act like us.

It’s a perilous way of thinking that causes stress, disappointment , frustration, bitterness, and even despair when we try to, relate.

This special conversation is designed for you if…

1) You are in a relationship and want to improve, or supercharge it.

2) You repeat the same types of relationships and want to change the pattern.

3) You are not in a relationship but are ready for one.

If this event isn't for you - then Pay-It-Forward - think about someone in your circle who is in need of being inspired and empowered to know that if they are Single they can find love(it's never too late) and if they are Dating or Married they can work together to build a stronger foundation within their relationship that will last a lifetime(it's never too late)!

Our extraordinaire panelists will offer their insight as we delve into this relationship enrichment experience!

Join us for this inspiring event and learn how to turn your ORDINARY relationships into strong EXTRAORDINARY relationships!

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